This website is for singers who are looking to develop their own voice and release the artist within.



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I have been gathering information for 20 years through experimentation, performance as a professional jazz and free vocalist, composer, poet, and lyricist and from personal study, private instruction and academia. Through this lifelong journey of exploration, I discovered methods that helped me develop my instrument, gain an in depth understanding of music from multiple perspectives and to visualize the relationship of all the art forms and how to translate that information through my voice - through sound.


By seeking out and thus finding myself in a myriad of musical situations; by taking risks and developing focus and enhanced observation techniques; and, by practicing quiet listening skills, humility and compassion, I gained entrance into the enchanted world of improvisation and spiritual communication.


Discovering the spiritual in art through the power of music is the inspiration behind my work.


I use a conceptual approach to help the singer gain a deeper understanding of their instrument and show them how to develop creative ideas and methods of singing through improvisation without fear and with conviction. I can help you change the way you hear music that will open the door to the universality of sound and help you develop your voice into a uniquely beautiful and personal one and further your understanding of music through innovation and composition.


I will work with you and help you to develop your ideas and apply them in one on one vocal sessions as well as in vocal/instrumental ensemble sessions.


Please contact me for a consultation.